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Quality Badges for Learning Outside the Classroom

Rock UK are pleased to announce that their centres have been endorsed by the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel and awarded the LOtC Quality Badge by the Council For Learning Outside The Classroom.

LOtC Quality Badges are awarded following assessment against six high level quality indicators which show that the centres understand schools and work well with groups to tailor activities to fit their curriculum requirements and specific needs.

Rock UK's Chief Executive, John Heasman said: "It is great to have our daily work recognised with this award. Each year thousands of children and young people visit our centres and are given the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities, learn new skills and experience risk in a safe and affirming environment. A visit to one of our outdoor adventure centres is not only good for healthy exercise but brings about a sense of achievement and can help to improve self esteem, social interaction and build confidence. Teachers often report that the skills and confidence developed during their school residential trip are then transferred back to the classroom where they can be built on further; it is these valuable educational experiences which contribute to the reasons why many schools return to us year after year."

LOtC Quality Badge was launched in 2009 as part of the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, a national initiative to ensure young people are given more opportunities to have these experiences as part of the curriculum. It is designed to make it easier for teachers to identify providers of quality educational visits. Rock UK centres can now display the LOtC Quality Badge as a signal to teachers that the venues have met required standards, so they do not need to carry out their own risk or quality assessments prior to their school trip, thus cutting through red tape and simplifying choices.

Beth Gardner, Chief Executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom said: "Educational visits are among the most memorable experiences in a child's school life. The LOtC Quality Badge offers teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place."